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Portezuelo Hotel, Salta
Portezuelo Hotel , Salta
Hotel is located a few blocks away from downtown and in a quiet residential area on a hillside with a view over the city. It offers 65 ample and luminous rooms with independent spaces for meetings & work and all in-room facilities.
Salta Hotel, Salta
Salta, Salta
Hotel situated in the heart of the city, opposite the Principle Square. It offers 97 apartaments - room and suites with all in-room facilities. Hotel is an example of neocolonial architecture with its huge wood balconies with arabesque carvings.



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Portezuelo Hotel Salta
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Portal De Salta


Salta Attractions:

Train to the Clouds
To enjoy a unforgettable expedition, you must have through this adventurous experience. An excursion that will take you to know one of the most important engineering works of the XXth. century located 4,200 meters above the sea level.

High Country Archeology Museum
New Museo de Arqueología de Alta Montaña (MAAM), will make you surprised to see a crowd wandering about. It is in auspices to the Education Council of Salta. It is repaired and conditioned for its new purpose, it has 6 permanent rooms, 3 temporary spaces, the scientific rooms, an auditorium and a coffee-shop. The design has been thought from a modern architectural perspective but its structure maintains various Incan symbolic traits in order to see this important cultural and scientific project better, before going through the rooms, we resolved to have a word with the museologist and director of the MAAM, Lic. Gabriel Miremont. Gabriel, who had presented its proposal of the museum to the government of Salta, told us about the archeological find and its dimensions. And, after an interesting chat, he was our guide in the tour around the museum.

Mount San Bernardo
You can also visit the Mount San Bernardo cable car at sunset. It is located at the base of the mount in Parque San Martín, this resort was built between 1987 and 1988 on the mount that, as a result of its strategic position, watches over the entire urban area of Salta and part of the Lerma Valley.

Coronel Moldes Country (A Private Tabacco Museum)
As you will reach Finca Santa Anita, you will see the fields sown with tobacco, Tupac, the rottweiler, and Pumba, the leader dog, pride of the house.

Beautiful San Lorenzo
You can also enjoy a horseback ride along the trails of this villa in Salta which gives beautiful panoramic views of the nearby valleys and ravines.

And many more things to do...

Source: Argentina Tourism Information

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