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Bolivia Map
Bolivia Map
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Bolivia offers a great range of geographical and cultural diversity to travellers. Because of the lack of modern communication systems and sparsely populated areas, much of the land has been able to thrive and preserve its natural and beautiful nature.
Hotel Cities in Bolivia
La Paz Hotels Santa Cruz Hotels Titicaca Lake Hotels
Capital City La Paz
Population 8.8 million
Religion Roman Catholic, Protestant
Language Aymara, Quechua, Spanish
Currency Boliviano
Dial Code 591
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Time Zone GMT/UTC -4
Climate The eastern lowlands are tropical, warm and humid. The Andes are quite temperate in the foothills with frigid conditions at higher elevations
Visa Req.
Regulations change frequently, but currently citizens of Japan and most EU countries can stay 90 days without a visa; citizens of the USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand can stay 30 days without a visa.
Public Holidays
1 Major fiestas include Fiesta de la Virgen de Candelaria a week-long festival in the virgin's honor best seen in Copacabana on the shores of Lake Titicaca (early February).
2 Carnaval is a nationwide event but is best seen in Oruro (the week before Lent); Phujllay is held in Tarabuco to commemorate the Battle of Lumbati (early March).
3 The animated Festividad de Nuestro Señor Jesús del Gran Poder is held in La Paz to celebrate the power of Jesus Christ (May-June).
4 Independence Day is a riotous nationwide party (6 August).
220V ,50Hz
Warning There have been no terrorist-related attacks against U.S. interests or persons in Bolivia since 1995, according to the State Department.
Major Tourist Attractions in Bolivia
La Paz

Mount Illimani La Paz

La Paz
Bolivia's administrative capital (seat of government) since 1898, La Paz is also the capital of its most populated province (department). It is the world's highest capital and highest large city (3,580 meters/ 11,740 feet). The high snow-capped mountains, especially Mount Illimani (6,460 meters, 21,200 feet), which rise east of La Paz, provide a magnificent background to the city.

The city was founded as Nuestra Senora de La Paz (Our Lady of Peace) in 1548 by a Spanish expedition headed by Alonso de Mendoza. The city developed only after it became Bolivia's capital; it had a population of 79,000 in 1900.

There is a little left of the old colonial and nineteenth-century town with the exception of some steep narrow streets and layout of some squares. The Plaza Murillo, with the city's cathedral, legislative buildings, and government institutions, is the focal area of the central part of the city, which has many modern buildings, including skyscrapers. Bolivia's most important university, Mayor de San Andres (founded in 1830), several other institutions of higher learning, and museums give La Paz its dominant position in the country's cultural life.

Lake Titicana

Lake Titicaca

Lake Titicaca
Because of its location and environmental influence, Lake Titicaca since prehistoric times has been one of the main focuses of human settlement in South America. The remains found at Tiahuanaco near the southeastern end of the lake attest to the previous existence of one of the oldest civilizations known in the Americas, preceding that of the Aymara and Inca.

It is a fresh-water lake fed by a number of rivers coming mainly from the Cordillera Real (part of the Cordillera Oriental) near its eastern shores. The surplus waters of the lake are drained by Rio Desaguadero into a shallow brackish waters of lake Poopo.
The area around the lake is densely populated. The temperature of the lake varies little through the year (50-53.6F). Under the influence of the lake, temperatures in the surroinding area do not drop at night nor in winter as much as they do at similar altitudes on the Altiplano.

Source: Bolivia Official Tourism Website
best hotel deals in Bolivia
Best Hotel Deals in Bolivia
Europa Hotel La Paz
Europa Hotel
No of Rooms: 110
La Paz
Camino Real Hotel La Paz
Camino Real Hotel
No of Rooms: 30
La Paz
Presidente Hotel La Paz
Presidente Hotel
No of Rooms: 103
La Paz
Columbus Hotel La Paz
Columbus Hotel
No of Rooms: n/a
La Paz
Hotel Arenel Santa Cruz
Hotel Arenel
No of Rooms: 102
Santa Cruz
Hotel Caparuch Santa Cruz
Hotel Caparuch
No of Rooms: 66
Santa Cruz
Las Americas Hotel Santa Cruz
Las Americas Hotel
No of Rooms: 69
Santa Cruz
Inca Utama Hotel & Spa Titicaca Lake
Inca Utama Hotel & Spa
No of Rooms: n/a
Titicaca Lake

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