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Golf Club and Resort, Iguassu
Golf Club and Resort, Iguassu
The Resort is a deluxe hotel with seven 10-room bungalows and five four-bedroom houses. The nearby national park's river and forest surrounds the property. Hotel has 72 rooms with all facilities.
Falls Galli Hotel, Iguassu
Falls Galli Hotel, Iguassu
Falls Gali, situated in the downtown city, It's the Waterfalls Land, where the nature joins technology, becoming a joint of rare landscapes. Hotel has 80 guest rooms and 14 suites with all modern amenities.
Cataratas Hotel, Iguassu
Cataratas Hotel, Iguassu
Das Cataratas Tropical Hotel - this superior first class hotel and resort is the only one situated inside a Brazilian national park. This cozy and charming hotel is in an original Colonial architectural style.
Panorma Hotel, Iguassu
Panorama Hotel, Iguassu

Panorama Hotel, a colourful partially renovated hotel with tropical flair. Hotel has 162 Airconditioned guest rooms. The facilities of nice pool and garden aerea available.

Carima Hotel, Iguassu
Hotel Carima, a award-winning hotel is located in parkland on the highway to the Falls. Hotel has 442 guestrooms & Suites, are equipped with air conditioning, TV, hairdryer, mini bar and safe. Hotel offers amenities, such as gift shop, cafeteria, night.


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Golf Club and Resort Iguassu
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Cataratas Hotel Iguassu
Panorama Hotel Iguassu Book
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Iguassu Attractions:

The Iguassu Falls
Iguassu Waterfalls are situated inside the Iguassu National Park. They were formed 150 million years ago and consist of 275 single falls, which merge into one large waterfront during times of flooding. There are 19 large falls, of which only 3 are to be found on the Brazilian side (Floriano, Deodoro and Benjamin Constant). The word "Iguassu" means "Great Water" in the language of the Tupy Guarani Indians.

Macuco Safari
Macuco Safari begins at the entrance gate with an open carriage that provides a general view of the scenery along the trail. The ride is about three km long. The hike - The second stage, a stretch of 600 meters (optional), is a hike on a trail that leads to a waterfall baptized "Macuco Falls". The last stop is the Macuco Safari docks on the Brazilian side of the Iguassu River. In the water on double outboard motor inflatable boats. Before boarding you will get a lifesaver vests and plastic bags for your camera. The boat travels up-river passing the canyon facing the rapids. If you are lucky you could see some animals as well.


Iguassu National Park
Iguassu National Park was created on January 10, 1939, the Park comprises a total area of 185,262.5 and a length of about 420km, 300km of which are natural borders by bodies of water and the Brazilian and Argentinean sides covering in total around 225 thousand hectares. In 1986 the Park was listed as Natural Heritage of Humanity.

Bird Park
The Bird Park is situated on 12 acres of native subtropical forest. You will enter huge 8-meter high forest aviaries where you can photograph the birds in their natural habitat without the restrictions of netting and cages.

Itaipu Dam
Hydroelectric Dam, the largest in operation in the world, is a bi-national enterprise developed by Brazil and Paraguay on the Paraná River. As a work of engineering the dam was elected by the American Society of Civil Engineering (ASCE) as one of the Seven Wonders of the Modern World.

OBA OBA Sambha Show
You can spend a beautiful night with all the sounds of Brasil. The Oba Oba show is a trip across all the dances and sounds of this wonderful country, the dancers are great and the suits are fantastic.

And Many more things to do..

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