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Blue Tree Park Hotel, Maceio
Ritz Lagoa Da Anta, Maceio
The Ritz Lagoa situated at sea line at Lagoa da Anta beach & have 76 apartments, 10 are luxury, all rooms are maintain the standard and superior. For leisure offer, 2 pools (adult and infantile ), Jacuzzi, restaurant, fitness, hydro massage, 2 saunas and game room. More..
Blue Tree Park Hotel, Maceio
Matsubara Hotel, Maceio
Matsubara Hotel Maceio - With an international atmosphere, Matsubara offers you all the amenities and comfort that you may want. There are 110 rooms and suites. More..


Five Star Hotels in Maceio  
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Ritz Lagoa Da Anta, Maceio Book
Three Star Hotels in Maceio  
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Matsubara Hotel, Maceio Book

Maceio Information:

Maceio is located in a totally coastal environment, Maceió stands out for its beauty, embedded in palm trees, mangroves and the sea. One can walk safely and calmly along its seashore. It also has many urban beaches. Maceió, capital of the State of Alagoas, owes its name to the Tupi Indians. Impressed by the natural phenomena they observed, they started calling it “MAÇAYO” or “MAÇAI-O-K” which means “that which covers the marsh”. The city began in an old sugar mill and plantation complex round the 19th century. Its development started with the arrival of ships taking wood from Jaraguá bay. With the installation of the sugar mills, Maceió started to export sugar, then tobacco, coconut, leather and some spices. Prosperity made it possible for the settlement to become a village on December 5, 1815. Thanks to its continued growth, Maceió became the capital of the Alagoas Province on December 9, 1839. The city has excellent tourism infrastructure with very good hotels, and a diversified culture reflected in its arts and crafts, cuisine and customs.  It has a tropical, hot and humid climate. The hottest months are December and January, when temperatures reach 36ºC in the shade. The lowest temperatures, with lows around 21ºC, are usually in July and August.

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There is also another version that says its name comes from the fruit of the castor oil plant (mamona), a common plant in the region. The beach is located approximately 4.5 km north of downtown. The sea is very turbulent in all its extension, making it possible to hold surf and body board championships. Because it is located in the central area, it has plenty of restaurants, beach stands with showers, jogging and cycling lanes, exercise equipment, a shopping mall, hotels and inns.

Ponta Verde

In the past, it housed one of the most famous symbols of the city, “The Rhea Neck”, a palm tree whose trunk resembled a rhea's neck. It was located near the present Yacht Club Alagoas (Clube Alagoinha). The reefs form natural pools and it is very common, during low tides, to see tourists bathing in these pools, especially near the lighthouse. There are some stands with live music, bars, restaurants, snack bars, and hotels.


This beach is approximately 2 km from downtown. It is a calm water beach thanks to the reefs, which make it safe for swimming, especially for children. Near the arts and crafts fair in Pajuçara is also where the rafts leave for the natural pools formed by choral reefs, where the tourist will find floating bars.

Cruz das Almas

This is an urban beach with stands, restaurants and hotels. The place, which was once an Indian cemetery, is replete with mysticism, reinforced by the strength of its waves. During the day it is a surfers' paradise; on full moon nights, it is the ideal setting for lovers that, without knowing it, celebrate the legend of the Indian couple that was sacrificed because they were from rival tribes. Some say that when the moon is most beautiful, the Indian couple comes to bathe in the sea water.


The name of this beach is also the name of a neighboring district. The area around it, formed by farms and palm trees, belonged to Mr. Manoel Sobral Pinto, Commander Sobral, who gave his name to the place.

Pontal da Barra

This is a beach that, in the past, was adorned by moving sand dunes and native palm trees. It is the stage for one of the most beautiful natural phenomena: the meeting of the Mandau lagoon with the sea.

North Coast

The North Coast is rich in native palm trees, sea cliffs, mangroves, rivers, and diverse vegetation. Visits to Guaxuma beach, with its rustic and cozy seashore bars, Sonho Verde, with its green waters and vast coconut groves, and the famous island of Croa, in Barra de Santo Antonio, are a must.

Barra de Santo Antônio

It is located on the Alagoas Golden Coast, 50 km from Maceió. It has some wild beaches with reefs forming natural pools of clear water and light sand.

The township is divided in two along the banks of the Santo Antonio River: one side has most of the city's urban structure, while the other offers the main tourism attractions such as Croa Island and Carro Quebrado beach. A river ferry, small rafts and barges are used to cross the river.

Croa Island

This is Barra's busiest attraction. It has many natural pools and rustic bars serving seafood dishes. It is on the left bank of the Santo Antonio River, and access is by ferry.

Carro Quebrado Beach

This is an untamed beach with white sand, dense coconut groves, strong waves and green sea water. To the south, the colorful sea cliffs are the main attraction.

Tabuba Beach

It is located at the mouth of the Sapucai River. It has many reefs forming pools of clear water where it is possible to observe colorful fish and swim. Raft tours to the natural pools depart from this beach.

Francês Beach

This is one of the most beautiful beaches on the south coast. Its bay is formed by a reef barrier, forming a natural pool, with rich sea fauna and water ranging in color from blue turquoise to green.

Gunga Beach

This was elected one of the 10 most beautiful beaches in the country. Its white sand, framed by palm trees, moves towards the sea, uniting the São Miguel River water with the ocean.

Barra de São Miguel

The proximity of the reefs forms a natural pool along almost its entire extension. It is the favorite beach for tourists and the people from Alagoas. It has many vacation houses and a complete infrastructure.

Source: Brazil Ministry of Tourism Information

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