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Abu Simbel Seti Hotel
Abu Simbel Seti Hotel
Seti Abu Simbel Lake Resort situated in the Heart of one of Ancient Egypt's most majestic locations, lies the Seti Abu Simbel Hotel, the only hotel at the foot of the Grand Temple of Ramses. The Seti Abu Simbel is an ideal place from which to visit the breathtaking twin statues of the Pharaoh this Queen Nefertari. 138 cozy rooms and suites, built on 2 levels, are equipped with every thinkable amenity. Relax at the glorious swimming pool overlooking the lake and desert mountains or attend the entertaining shows given at the amphitheater.more..
Nefertari Abu Simbel
Nefertari Abu Simbel
The Nefertari Abu Simbel Hotel situated 300 meters away from the famous rock temples of Pharaoh Ramses III and his Queen Nefertari. This together with the beauty of Lake Nasser is a reason itself to stay at this hotel and go down to the temples when the sun rises early morning. Hotel offers 122 rooms & suites, all with air-condition, private bathrooms, satellite television channels and telephone. Swimming pool, restaurants and bar - the discotheque is for the night owls, and motorboats are ready for trips on the lake. more..


Abu Simbel Information:

One of the most famous ancient Egyptian sites, the two temples of Abu Simbel were carved out of sandstone cliffs high above the River Nile in 1257 BC, under the orders of Pharaoh Ramses II (1304-1237 BC). The most famous of the two features four colossal 20m-high (65ft) statues of Ramses II flanking the entrance, although they are actually dedicated to the sun god Re-Herakhte. The temples, which were rediscovered by the Swiss explorer Burckhardt in 1813, withstood the passage of time until the construction of the Nasser Dam in 1970, which caused the waters of Lake Nasser to rise significantly. With the support of UNESCO, an international appeal was launched and the temples were gradually relocated to a higher elevation over a four-year period between 1964 and 1968.


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