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Elephantine Island Hotel, Alexandria
Elephantine Island Resort, Aswan
Hotel is operated by Moevenpick. This hotel is located on Elephantine Island and is reached by a private boat service. The hotel is totally private with pleasant gardens. This hotel offers good service.
ISIS Island Hotel, Alexandria
ISIS Island Hotel, Aswan
Hotel is located on its own island in the middle of the Nile, approached only by water taxi. Hotel has 380 rooms. In addition to the standard amenities, the hotel also offers a hairdresser, car rental, and a boutique.
Sofitel New Cataract Hotel, Aswan
Sofitel Old Cataract Hotel, Aswan
The New Cataract is located in the grounds of the Old Cataract Hotel and shares the same leisure facilities. Hotel has 144 rooms are of more or less the same size and all are decorated and furnished in a modern style.
ISIS Corniche, Aswan
ISIS Corniche, Aswan
Hotel is situated in a beautiful garden directly on the Nile bank and at the same time it is onlyto cross the street and you are in the middle of the centre of Aswan. This hotel does not have the amenities of a five star hotel, but what it does

Five Star Hotels In Aswan  
Hotel / Resort Name Details
Elephantine Island Resort Aswan
Sofitel Old Cataract Hotel
Hotel / Resort Name Details
ISIS Island Hotel Aswan
Four Star Hotels In Aswan  
Basma Hotel Aswan
ISIS Corniche Aswan


Aswan Attractions:

Abu Simbal Temples
The temples of Abu Simble are one of the most interesting pharonic temples located near the Southern borders with the Sudan. It is located 280 km to the South of  Aswan and it consists of two rock-cut temples both date back to the reign of Ramsis II (1290-1223 BC). Unfortunately these two unique temples suffered from the raising water of Nasser Lake after while building the high dam , therefore UNESCO helped the country and contributed to save them. The two temples were cut to  number of  pieces, then they were reconstructed again in a high site 65 M higher than the origianl location and 200 M back in land  to escape the rising water level . The works of this great rescue operation began in June 1964 and finished in September 1968. The first temple was built by king Ramsis II and dedicated to  god Re-Hor-Akhty, Amon, Ptah, and king Ramsis II as a deified person. Its façade is 35 m. long and 30 m. high. The façade has four seated colossi of the king, each one is 20 M in height and represents the king seated on his throne wearing the double crown, while accompanied by 3 small figures of his wives, daughter s and sons flanking his legs.

Temple of Komombo
The  temple stands on the east bank of  the Nile, right one the Nile bank located almost 4 KM  far from the town, it was  dedicated two gods, Horus and Sobik  Mainly the temple was dedicated to go Sobik the crocodile god, together with his wife in another form of goddess Hathor. The temple is Greco roman structure, it dates back to the year 119 BC, and it was built out of limestone by Ptolemy VI who started the construction.  The emperor Neo Dionysus finished most of the building while the emperor Augustus finished the final touches.

The Temple of Edfu
Edfu is located 60 Km to the north of Aswan. It was the 2 nd Nome of Upper Egypt and the centre of the cult of a triad of gods which consists of Horus of Behdet, Hathor, and their son Hor - Sama-Tawy. In the old Greek documents, Edfu was known by “Apollopolis Magna” because the Greek identified Horus with God Apollo.  Edfu was a flourishing city during ancient Times.  Today the most important monument in the city of  Edfu is the temple of Horus which is considered one of the most beautiful and preserved temples in Egypt.

Philai Temple
Philae is a rocky island in the middle of the  course of the Nile located at the south ern Aswan. It was called in Hieroglyphic “Apo” which means Ivory . I t was called known bye the Greek Elephantine , most probably it was an important scepter of trade especially  for the ivory. Ancient Egyptian built a beautiful and magnificent temple on this island for goddess Isis, the temple had submerged in the water after building the first Aswan dam in 1906.

The Unfinished Obelisk
This unfinished obelisk lies in its original location in a quarry of granite in Aswan. It is 42 m. in height. Most probably it was abandoned in its place after discovering some cracks in the rock.  id this one was to be complete it would have been the heaviest obelisk ever been cut in Ancient Egypt , the obelisk alone wait 1100 tons.

The High Dam
The High Dam of Aswan is a great project. In fact it was one of the most important achievements of the in the last century in Egypt, even for many years it was a symbol of the New Era of the Revolution of 1952. I t provide d Egypt with water and electricity and secured the country of the risk of the destructive inundation. After the revolution of  July 1952 president Nasser announced his proposal for building the High Dam, but met with  Western refusals to co-operate so he turned to the Soviet Union asking them for both the technological and the financial aids. The result was the present rock-fill dam structure.

Tomb Chapels of the Nobels

Elephantine Island, The Botanic Island  



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