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Novotel Hotel Heliopolis, Cairo
Novotel Hotel Heliopolis, Cairo
5 km from Cairo International Airport and within easy access from central Cairo and all its tourist attractions.
Hotel Cosmopolitan, Cairo
Hotel Cosmopolitan, Cairo
Centrally located in the heart of Cairo city.Designed in a victorian style more than 80 years old.
Hotel Mena House Oberoi, Cairo
Hotel Mena House Oberoi, Cairo
This Hotel located 20 minutes drive from the center of Cairo.
Hotel Le Meridien Pyramids Giza , Cairo
Hotel Le Meridien Pyramids Giza , Cairo
This Hotel located less than a Kilometer from the Giza Pyramids & 20 Km from the center of Cairo.
Nile Hilton Hotel, Cairo
Nile Hilton Hotel, Cairo
Hotel is situated along the River Nile, This hotel located in the heart of Cairo,
Pyramisa Hotel , Cairo
Pyramisa Hotel, Cairo
This hotel is centrally located in the heart of Cairo, within easy reach of all the city’s attractions, while the Pyramids and Sphinx are a short drive away.

Five Star Hotels In Cairo  
Hotel / Resort Name Details
Sonesta Hotel, Cairo
Hotel Le Meridien Pyramids Giza, Cairo
Pyramisa Hotel, Cairo
Conrad Hotel, Cairo
Hotel El Gezirah Sheraton, Cairo
Helnan Shepherd Hotel, Cairo
Hotel Semiramis InterContinenta, Cairo
Hotel / Resort Name Details
Hotel Mena House Oberoi, Cairo
Nile Hilton Hotel, Cairo
Sheraton Hotel Cairo Towers & Casino
Hotel Marriott, Cairo
Hotel Ramses Hilton, Cairo
Hotel Grand Hyatt, Cairo
Four Star Hotels In Cairo  
Novotel Hotel Heliopolis, Cairo
President Hotel, Cairo
Safir Hotel, Cairo
Flamenco Hotel, Cairo
Three Star Hotels In Cairo  
Hotel Cosmopolitan, Cairo
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cairo city map
Cairo City Map

Cairo Information

Founded on the site of Babylon, near the ruins of ancient Memphis, Cairo has been the largest city in Africa for centuries. Modern Cairo encompasses many former cities and their monuments: the pyramids of the pharaohs; early Christian monasteries and churches; Salah al-Din's Citadel; mosques of the Mamluke and Ottoman sultans. Five thousand years of culture are concentrated here, at the center of three continents.

Travel through time in a city that is a living index to civilization. Enjoy the comforts of a cosmopolitan twentieth-century capital. Cairo, a microcosm of the greater world.

Today's skyline mixes minarets and palm trees with art deco villas and multicolored neon - but you can still see the sunset over the Nile. Cairo has a unique atmosphere: both exciting and relaxed. The city pulses with life while the Nile flows on to the sea.

Places of Interest

The Great Pyramids: "One of the Seven Wonders of the World, King Cheops' pyramid was built c. 2650 BC "" it is impossible to get tired of the Pyramids."
Amelia B. Edwards. 1877

Saqqara: The royal burial-ground during the Old Kingdom (2705-2155 BC). There are so many periods represented that Saqqara could almost be a book, in whose pages the story of Egyptian Civilization through the Pharaonic Greek and Roman periods is told. Discoveries are still being made today.

Memphis: One of the oldest cities on earth, legendary Memphis was the capital of ancient Egypt throughout the Old Kingdom.

The Mastabas of Mereruka, Ti and Path-Hotep: Carved and painted tombs vividly illustrate everyday life more than 5,000 years ago.

The Sphinx: "Sacred symbol of the union of the strongest physical with the highest intellectual Power on earth,"
Harriet Martineau on the Sphinx 1848

The Solar Barque of King Cheop: a cedar-wood craft built to take the Pharaoh through the underworld.

The Step Pyramid: The first proper pyramid, built for King Zoser in the 27th-century BC by the architect Imhotep

The Egyptian Museum: One of the world's most famous museums. The magnificent collection of antiques includes mummies, Sarcophagi and the fabulous treasures from Tutankhamun's tomb.

Source: Egypt Tourism Official Website

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