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Hong Kong
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Hong Kong Map
Capital City Victoria
Population 6.7 million
Religion Muslim, Buddhist, Taoist, Christian, Hindu, tribal
Language Chinese, English
Currency Hong Kong dollar
Dial Code 852
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Time Zone GMT/UTC +8
Climate Cool and humid in winter, hot and rainy from spring through summer, warm and sunny in fall
Visa Req.
Easy reference for a holder of HKBN(O) [ Hong Kong British National (Overseas) ] passport, HKSAR [ Hong Kong Special Administrative Region ] passport, or HKCI [Hong Kong Certificate of Identity ] on how to apply for visit visas to a total of 224 countries and territories in the world. Information provided here are beneficial to the general public and Internet users. The vision and enthusiasm to promote world traveling and tourism coupled with the noble generosity of the respective embassies and consulates all contributed to formulation of this intellectual interchange service & system in visa requirements, which hopefully will be an innovative service as a direct result of modern technology application.
Public Holidays
1 Jan New Year's Day
Feb.or March Easter
Jan/Feb National Day
early Apr Ching Ming
Jun Dragon Boat Festival
1 May Labour Day
1 Jul Hong Kong SAR Establishment Day
late Apr Buddha's birthday
late Oct Cheung Yueng
early Oct Mid-Autumn Festival
25 Dec Christmas Day
26 Dec Boxing Day
Warning No Warning at this moment
What to do in HONG KONG
Hong Kong Chinese Festivals
Hong Kong is simply dazzling. Experience the distinctive blend of East and West in this dynamic city. Feel the rush as you indulge in shopping. Savour culinary delicacies. Open your senses to Hong Kong's amazing skyline, bustling harbour and peaceful countryside. Come discover the diversity and sophistication that is Hong Kong. You'll love it!  All of Hong Kong is worth seeing; from skyline to back streets. There are so many places to visit that you need no book to locate them. However let us tell you what special you can do in Hong Kong.
Kung Fu in Hong Kong
Kung Fu Corner
Kowloon Park is the perfect open-air venue for the Sunday Kung Fu Corner, and an ideal place for the whole family to spend an afternoon together. This weekly event features a variety of traditional kung fu demonstrations and cultural performances such as ceremonial drumming and lion and dragon dances.
Chinese martial arts have been widely popularised in Hong Kong films and are attracting new interest from around the world. They include a wide range of styles and utilise many different weapons in their distinctive routines, making these demonstrations, by students and masters, both educational and enjoyable. Following the performances, members of the public are invited to try their skills, and the instructors are happy to lead visitors through typical kung fu movements. You'll find it to be an excellent form of exercise and a great introduction to the Chinese martial arts.
A landmark atop victoria peak
Architecture Walk
Hong Kong offers a wealth of architectural influences and styles just waiting to be discovered. During this walk through Hong Kong's Central district, visitors will come to understand the evolution of the city through its buildings. Taking in such sights as the Central Police Station, the Fringe Club and the former French Mission building, architect hosts will point out the special characteristics that make each structure unique as well as discussing its relevant history. Thrusting skyward in dramatic contrast to these historical structures are Hong Kong's many glass and steel monuments to modernism. Designed by some of the world's most renowned architects, they are vital to understanding the evolution of building styles and the way Hong Kong's urban architecture has changed during the past century.
Pearl Shopping in Hong Kong

Secrets of Pearl Shopping
Pearls have long been a symbol of purity in China and are often referred to as one of the "eight jewels". Each is a tiny miracle of nature - individually and uniquely cultured. Fine pearls abound in Hong Kong and this introduction will help you to identify their most important qualities. Hosts Henry Cheng and Alex Chan have more than 50 years of combined gemmological experience. hrough their pearl evaluation and appreciation talks, the two men unlock the mysteries surrounding pearls as well as dispel any lingering doubts and misconceptions that visitors might have. You will learn how to use a pearl grading chart and how to judge, with confidence, the quality and colour of these fascinating gems.

You can get Free Advice every Tuesday between 9:30am-10:30 am from both at Hari's Bar, M/F, Holiday Inn Golden Mile Hotel, 50 Nathan Road, Tsim Sha Tsui. The class has a limited capacity of 20 people.

Source: Hong Kong Tourism Official Website
best hotel deals in hong kong
Best Hotel Deals in Hong Kong
New World Renaissance Hong Kong
 New World Renaissance
No of Rooms: 543
Kimberley Hotel Hong Kong
Kimberley Hotel
No of Rooms: 350
JW Marriott Hong Kong
JW Marriott
No of Rooms: 602
Harbour Plaza Hong Kong
Harbour Plaza
No of Rooms: 417
Hyatt Regency Hong Kong
Hyatt Regency
No of Rooms: 723
Regal Airport Hong Kong
Regal Airport
No of Rooms: 1100
Holiday Inn Golden Mile Hong Kong
Holiday Inn Golden Mile
No of Rooms: 600
Harbour Plaza Metropolis Hong Kong
Harbour Plaza Metropolis
No of Rooms: 690
Harbour Plaza North Point Hong Kong
Harbour Plaza North Pt.
No of Rooms: 566
Wharney Hotel Hong Kong
Wharney Hotel
No of Rooms: 350
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