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Mt. Fuji
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Hotel Highland Resort, Mt. Fuji
Hotel Highland Resort, Mt. Fuji
Highland Resort - the hotel siatuted in Fuji Yoshida Area with excellent view of panoramic views of Mt. Fuji and the reflection of Mt. Fuji in the pool's waters as you rest by the poolside in tranquility. Hotel has 125 guest rooms with all modern facilities. Hotel's indoor pool caters to all weathers, promising a very pleasant resort life all year around. more..
Fuji View Hotel, Mt. Fuji
Fuji View Hotel, Mt. Fuji
153 guest rooms are available, from Standard room to Suite room, which have enough space and gentle interiors. A grand view of Mt. Fuji and Lake Yamanaka offers you an easy atmosphere. Each of our hotel staff is sure to welcome you with a fine service. Please feel at home in our Hotel. You can select one you like among our various kinds of guest rooms. more..


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Mt. Fuji Information

As we know Japan is one of the world's most mountainous countries, so it's not surprising that mountain worship is an historic element of Japanese culture. And of all the mountains in Japan, Mount Fuji stands out as a unique cultural symbol. At 12,388 feet, Fuji is Japan's tallest mountain. It's easily recognized and greatly admired for its perfect volcanic-cone shape, which many liken to an inverted fan. Japan's two major religions, Shinto and Buddhism, regard Fuji as sacred, and Japanese from all walks of life attest to the power of this natural symbol so deeply inscribed in the national psyche. Unlike many other sacred mountains, belief dictates that this one should be climbed, and hundreds of thousands of people, both religious adherents and tourists, climb Fuji every year. This popularity has caused a pollution problem so severe that it has prevented Mount Fuji from receiving designation as a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Thus, as Japanese citizens and nonprofits work to clean up their beloved mountain and obtain World Heritage status, scientists and government agencies are tackling another challenge. For the first time in 300 years, this active volcano may soon blow its top—and Japan must be prepared to handle this potential disaster. Japan's sacred history and national identity are tied to this mountain, which, as author Edwin Bernbaum explains, “symbolizes the quest for beauty and perfection that has shaped so much of Japanese culture, both secular and sacred.”

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