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Seychelles Map
Hotel Cities in Seychelles
Desroches Island Hotels La Digue Island Hotels Mahe Island Hotels
Praslin Island Hotels Silhouette Island Hotels Site Anne Island Hotels
Capital City Victoria
Population 79,330
Religion Catholic, Anglican
Language English, French
Currency Seychelles Rupee
Dial Code 248
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Time Zone GMT/UTC +4 (Standard Time)
Climate Cooler season during southeast monsoon (late May to September) & warmer season during northwest monsoon (March to May)
Visa Req.
Visas are not required for visitors to Seychelles, but you'll need an onward ticket, booked accommodation and sufficient funds for your stay - a one month Visitor's Permit (extendable on application) will be issued. A 50.00 'Passenger Service Fee' is levied on all adult visitors; this fee is included in the price of the airline ticket.
Public Holidays
10 June Corpus Christi
15 August The Assumption
8 December Immaculate Conception
October Festival Kreol
240V ,50Hz
Warning No Warning at this moment

Seychelles at a Glance
Seychelles Plateau

Beach Fun in Seychelles

Immaculate , uncrowded beaches of powder-soft white sands. A glorious tropical climate and warm torquoise waters caressing 115 diverse and tranquil islands. A Kaleidoscopic array of untouched forests, bird sanctuaries, exotic hideaways, virgin fishing grounds and spectacular diving spots where few have gone before. Seychelles is all of this and more.

Once thought to be the original site of the 'Garden of Eden', the Seychelles archipelago still nurtures unique species of flora and fauna such as the fabulous Coco-de-mer as well as awe-inspiring natural granite structures that date from the dawn of time.
With almost half of its limited landmass set aside as nature reserves, one of the highest percentages of any country in the world, Seychelles reamins a prestine sanctuary of legendery beauty and immense diversity.

Sunset Seychelles

Seychelles Beach

' 115 islands fall into 2 distinct groups, the granitic Inner Islands that lie within the relatively shallow Seychelles plateau, 4° south of Equator, and the low-lying corallie Outer Islands that lie beyond the plateau to 10° south of the Equator.

The mainly granitic Inner Islands cluster for the most part around the principal islands of Mahe, Praslin and La Digue and together form the cultural hub of seychelles, as well as the centre of tourism industry. Together they contain the vast majority of th accomodation facilities as well as almost the entire population of the archipelago.

The Outer Islands, situated beyond the Seychelles plateau, comprise 72 low lying sand cays and atolls lying between 23 km and 1150 km from Mahe. Less visited than their granitic cousins due to their relative remoteness, these pristine miniature worlds, some little more than sand spots or lonely rocky outcrops, offer the ultimate in untouched habitats for many species of wildlife.

Source: Seychelles Official Tourism Website
best hotel deals in Seychelles
Best Hotel Deals in Seychelles
Bernique Guest House Bernique Guest House
Bernique Guest House
No of Rooms: 9
La Digue Island
Hotel Patatran Village La Digue Island
Hotel Patatran Village
No of Rooms: 18
La Digue Island
Hotel Pension Michel La Digue Island
Hotel Pension Michel
No of Rooms: 133
La Digue Island
Coral Strand Hotel Mahe Island
Coral Strand Hotel
No of Rooms: 140
Mahe Island
Berjaya Beau Vallon Bay Beach Resort & Casino Mahe Island
Berjaya Beau Vallon Bay Beach Resort & Casino
No of Rooms: 183
Mahe Island
L-Archipel Hotel Praslin Island
L-Archipel Hotel
No of Rooms: 30
Praslin Island
Berjaya Praslin Beach Resort Praslin Island
Berjaya Praslin Beach Resort
No of Rooms: 79
Praslin Island
Colibri Guest House Praslin Island
Colibri Guest House
No of Rooms: 14
Praslin Island
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